What is Ginseng?

freshginseng.jpgGinseng root is native to eastern Asia and North America, and has been in use as a folk medicine and tonic amongst the people of China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Manchuria, as well as amongst Native Americans, for untold thousands of years. Frequently used as a potent preventative rather than a curative, it has also demonstrated tremendous therapeutic benefits for a wide number of conditions. If take regularly it increases vitality, and can extend your life span.

 A perennial plant, ginseng is often found in heavily wooded areas and required rich soil to thrive. Ginseng takes several years to mature, with most roots cultivated when the plant is between 3-5 years old. After harvested, the roots are cleaned, dried, and selected, then they are ready for the market.

The plant itself is very attractive, with well shaped green leaves and bright red berries; however it is only the root that has any medical value. It's original name means Man Root, due to the shape of the ginseng root which strongly resembles the form of a human body.

Ginseng is a member of the Araliacae family.

Ginseng Comparison

Ontario ginseng should not be confused with Korean ginseng. Though they look very similar but are two totally different roots with very different natures and effects on our body. Here is a comparison showing you the major differences.

  Ontario Ginseng Korean Ginseng
  Basic Nature
  • Cool Based
  • Tastes Bitter and Dry
  • Warm Based
  • Tastes Less Bitter and Dry
  Health Benefits
  • Protects lung & stomach
  • Relax and calming effect
  • Helps generate saliva
  • Protects lung & spleen
  • Improves energy
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Helps generate saliva
  When to Apply
  • To help prevent coughing
  • To help prevent lung shrinkage
  • Thirsty due to lack of saliva generation
  • Constantly feeling tired
  • Excess internal body heat causing stomach discomfort, toothache, or feeling weak
  • To relieve hard breathing caused by asthma
  • Body weakness due to prolong sickness
  • Diarrhea and throw up caused by weak stomach
  • To assist in lowering High Blood Pressure
  • Suffer from mild pain