Founded in 1989 by Charles and Diana Yeh, Great Mountain Ginseng is one of the largest ginseng retailer in Canada. We were the first Chinese owned and operated company to establish a major commercial ginseng Agri-business in the Canadian Province of Ontario. Knowing the superiority of Ontario grown ginseng, and having been one of the earliest Chinese growers, and with Diana Yeh’s retail expertise, the Yeh family knew the vast potential of have a retail outlet in the heart. Due to their superior quality, Great Mountain Ginseng is well known both in Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China for their Ontario ginseng products.

Great Mountain Ginseng is the first Chinese owned and operated corporation to establish a major commercial ginseng Agri-business in the Canadian Province of Ontario. Due to the particular soil and weather, Ontario produces the highest quality ginseng in the world. Made from 100% all natural ingredients, Great Mountain Ginseng extracts the nutritional essence of ginseng into a natural tasting candy. Great Mountain Ginseng candy is caffeine-free with no chemicals or preservatives, resulting in a healthy alternative snack for all ages, and the only choice for a great gift.

Great Mountain Ginseng has accumulated over 30 years of experience and knowledge of Ginseng. Not only are they well respected in North America, but also recognized worldwide as the leader in providing consumers with the highest quality ginseng and ginseng related products worldwide. The company has so much faith in its products, that they are willing to guarantee that the highest quality ginseng is put into all of its products.

Great Mountain Ginseng now has 2 farm locations and 7 retail outlets across Canada. There are six retail outlets in and around the Greater Toronto Area and one retail outlet in Vancouver, British Columbia. For location of retail outlets, click here.

Recognitions and Testimonials

Mississauga Chinese Business Association:
Enterpreneur of the Year Award

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