Our Ontario Ginseng    

Panax Quinquefolium is native to North America. Ginseng was first discovered by Jesuit priests in Ontario near Lake Huron in the early 1700's. By 1716, the first shipment of root to China commenced, initiating the high respect that the Orient has for Ontario-grown root.

Ginseng has long been used as a drug in China and as a stimulating tea, and regarded for centuries by the Chinese as panacea for illness. It is used in a preventative, rather than in a curative manner.

Ontario is where the ginseng industry began. Canadian ginseng grown in Ontario is well known for its unmistakable quality and its distinct potent taste, making it the most desirable root in North America!

Southern Ontario is the largest producer in Canada. More Asian buyers prefer Ontario-grown ginseng than any other root grown in North America! In fact, the Pacific Rim imports 95% of the root produced in Southern Ontario.

The cultivation of ginseng has long been a precise and careful process. Ginseng is a very high risk crop! The procedures in growing ginseng were developed and improved by the veteran growers near Waterford, Ontario. Ontario growers are conscientious and dedicated producers. They have set standards in the cultivation of ginseng that are being copied, but not matched, around the world.

Ontario growers had the foresight to form the first growers association in Canada, and in collaboration with Agriculture Canada to develop the first ginseng research garden in Delhi, Ontario. With this joint effort, we have been able to maintain and develop new and better cultural practices to keep root grown in Ontario as the first choice in North America.