Cordyceps Benefits

In the ancient China, cordyceps was highly recommended as one of the most effective medicines for all illness. Due to its anti-aging and cure-all properties, it can be compared to ginseng, reishi and deer velvet. In general, cordyceps is a tonic that help the body build strength, improve the organic functioning, strengthen the immune system and bring longevity.

The Chinese have been using Cordyceps as a tonic for over two-thousand years. It is said to be a "yin nourishing" and "yang invigorating" tonic to balance the "Qi," or one's life force. It was traditionally used to rebuild stamina after prolonged stress, for infertility and to increase libido, to improve kidney function, and to improve respiration. Today, Cordyceps is still used according to TCM for asthma and other respiratory disorders, exercise enhancement, infertility, and immunomodulation. Studies have also shown it to be useful for high cholesterol, cancer, chemotherapy palliation, and for its anti-oxidant potential.

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