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Great Mountain Ginseng - Ginseng Tea Bag (20 bags/Box)
新大山行花旗參茶精裝 20包入/盒

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The clarity of amber infused with tangy aromas characterizes this unique ginseng tea. A rich ginseng taste with a hint of succulent sweetness makes this the best choice for a nutritional beverage.

1. 茶包以150 c.c 熱水沖泡,靜候3~5 分鐘即可享用,可反覆沖泡至沒有味道為止。
2. 沖泡花旗參茶可添加適量枸杞,滋補肝腎並清目補氣,更收養身之功效。
3. 除枸杞外,也可添加紅棗,補氣養血,能溫和滋養並提高活力。

Brewing Method
1. Place tea bag in 150 cc of hot water. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes. You may repeat this process until the tea bag no longer has its avor.
2. Ginseng tea can be brewed with goji berries. is helps nourish the liver, kidney, qi, energy,and has many health benets.
3. In addition to goji berries, you can also can add dates to help with the circulation of qi,blood ow and to gently nourish and increase vitality