Great Mountain Ginseng Co. Ltd. is the first Chinese owned and operated company to establish a major commercial ginseng agri-business in the Canadian province of Ontario. With 30 years experience, Great Mountain Ginseng Co. Ltd. is the leading edge company in growing the highest quality ginseng on a huge commercial scale for exporting around the world.


Farm Visitation

Great Mountain Ginseng Farms is an exceptional tourist attraction, at a convenient location accommodating several tour companies, individual tourists as well as locals within the Niagara Peninsula. There is a small ginseng farm that allows visitors to see first hand how the ginseng plant is grown. We provide a guided tour for all bus tours and tourists free of charge; giving detailed description on how ginseng is grown, the ideal conditions in which to grow ginseng, and the history and health benefits of ginseng consumption. We also provide a few samples of our various products, as well as a wholesale outlet where they can purchase various ginseng products as well as wholesale supplements. Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Great Mountain Ginseng Farms is a convenient stop on your way to Niagara Falls, or the historic city of Niagara-on-the-Lake. For those who want to stay the night and experience the beauty of the city, come stay at The Creamery B&B located next to the farm.